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How does Solar-Clear work?

Some of you may wonder, exactly how does Solar-Clear work? And, what makes it such an effective product in reducing chlorine consumption in/by your pool? The answer is pretty simple and involves a natural technology that has been employed for thousands of years.

Specifically, naturally occurring minerals, copper and zinc ions in this case, are released slowly into the pool water by Solar-Clear. The sun’s energy is converted via photovoltaic cells in to a low voltage current that slowly dissolves a sacrificial anode beneath the pool water surface.

The ions in the water retard the growth of algae and other microorganisms resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of oxidizer (chlorine or bromine) required to keep your pool sparkling clear, clean and healthy. Solar-Clear also works to reduce surface staining and scale build up on pool and pool equipment surfaces.

100% natural, solar powered and eco-friendly Solar-Clear is the perfect product for today’s pool owner.

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