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The Power of Zinc

We have discussed how Solar-Clear dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine necessary to keep your pool water sparkling clear, clean and healthy. There are two added benefits provided by Solar-Clear that are directly related to the zinc ions that are generated by the Sun’s solar energy. Specifically, the zinc component of the sacrificial anode draws ‘stray’ electrical currents present in the pool water away from other potential targets like pumps, valves, pool finishes and filters thereby extending their useful life. In addition zinc attracts other heavy me tal staining ions, preventing pool surface staining. These unwanted ions are then simply removed from the pool system via filtration.

In summary, Solar-Clear works three ways to provide cleaner, healthier pool water by cutting chemical costs, preventing or reducing surface staining & scaling and by extending the life of pool equipment & hardware….all naturally and with no installation or plumbing required!

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