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How Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur® Work with Various Sanitizing systems

Using conventional chlorine or bromine products? Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur significantly inhibit algae growth in pools which results in a pool owner being able to maintain chlorine or bromine levels, at about ½ or less (up to 20%) of that usually recommended. In addition to saving money, by reducing chlorine or bromine usage Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur® will slow down the build up of chemical byproducts such as, cyanuric acid, calcium (scale) or dimethyl hydantoin.

Using a Salt Chlorine Generator? Using a Solar-Clear® or Solar Pur®
pool water purifier (ionizer) with any new or existing salt-water chlorine generator will extend the life of the salt cell, by assisting in the sanitizing process. As a result the salt-water chlorine generator, does not have to produce as much chlorine, to maintain any given level, and that allows the salt cell to last longer. Because less chlorine has to be produced, the pH will be easier to maintain, requiring fewer acid additions. In addition, both Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur ®, via their zinc based sacrificial anode, reduces scale, further enhancing the performance and life of a salt-water chlorine generator.

Using an Ozone Generator? Ozone is a very effective ‘contact’ oxidizer and sanitizer, but has very little residual effect after the pump is turned off. As noted above, Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur® significantly inhibit algae growth throughout the pool. The combination of an Ozone Generator and a Solar-Clear® or Solar Pur ® will enable the pool owner to not only maintain very low levels of free chlorine but to operate an essentially ‘chlorine free’ pool.
Using an Ultraviolet (UV) sanitizer? UV sanitizers will kill just about any biological contaminents in a pool, including seriously pathogenic microorganisms. However, like ozone, UV Sanitizers have no residual effect and can not control/erradicate microorganisms, in the pool water and on the walls. As such, as with ozone, Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur® are outstanding supplements for a comprehensive water treatment program. An oxidizer, such as chlorine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide etc will still be required, to eliminate organic wastes and byproducts but in much smaller quantities.

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