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How Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur® Work with Various Sanitizing systems

Using conventional chlorine or bromine products? Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur significantly inhibit algae growth in pools which results in a pool owner being able to maintain chlorine or bromine levels, at about ½ or less (up to 20%) of that usually recommended. In addition to saving money, by reducing chlorine or bromine usage Solar-Clear® . . . → Read More: How Solar-Clear® and Solar Pur® Work with Various Sanitizing systems

The Power of Zinc

We have discussed how Solar-Clear dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine necessary to keep your pool water sparkling clear, clean and healthy. There are two added benefits provided by Solar-Clear that are directly related to the zinc ions that are generated by the Sun’s solar energy. Specifically, the zinc component of the sacrificial anode . . . → Read More: The Power of Zinc


Even though it is ‘off season’ for most pool owners it’s never too early to start planning for the next swimming pool season. Solar-Clear provides  a 100% natural, solar powered way to reduce chlorine consumption in your pool and help keep your pool water sparkling clear. You will save money with Solar-Clear and help . . . → Read More: SOLAR-CLEAR

How does Solar-Clear work?

Some of you may wonder, exactly how does Solar-Clear work? And, what makes it such an effective product in reducing chlorine consumption in/by your pool? The answer is pretty simple and involves a natural technology that has been employed for thousands of years.

Specifically, naturally occurring minerals, copper and zinc ions in this case, . . . → Read More: How does Solar-Clear work?

Welcome to RecWaterTec

Welcome to Recreational Water Technologies a company committed to providing pool and spa owners with innovative, money saving eco-friendly products. While RecWaterTec is a new company, those behind the scenes bring decades of recreational water treatment experience to this new endeavor.

At RecWaterTec we are interested in developing technologies that will make pool . . . → Read More: Welcome to RecWaterTec